To get the most electricity from your solar PV system it’s important for every consumer to be smart about their energy usage. Using all the electricity you can during the day is the most obvious step (day=sun=energy), but there are many more tricks to ensure you get all you can from your system. Read our helpful hints and drastically reduce purchases from that treacherous grid.

Be Smart About Your Usage

Stagger your usage to save more

Remember that even though you have solar, you still need be energy conscious. If you turn on all of your appliances at the same time you might exceed the amount of power your solar system has produced, forcing you to purchase electricity from the grid. For example, let your dishwasher or washing machine finish its cycle before turning on the other.

Make high-energy consumers work for you

Scheduling appliances that use significant electricity to turn on when your solar system is receiving peak sunshine. For example, if you have an Eastern-facing roof then set your pool pump to turn on in the morning. Program your air-conditioning to switch on before you get home so it has few hours to cool your house, instead of using it at night and having to purchase from the grid.

Monitor your solar

If you have a Smart Meter or have invested in grid monitoring then you can track when your home generates an insufficient or excess amount of electricity. This allows you to adjust your usage accordingly and lessens your having to purchase from the grid.

When Is Your Roof On Fire?

The best way to get the most from your system is to consume energy when your system is receiving peak sun, based on its placement on your roof. This is one huge step up from just consuming when the sun is out and makes a world of difference.

Western Roof

If your solar PV system is Western facing then electricity should be used in the afternoon. It’s ideal for large families that use a bunch of appliances when the kids get home from school. This is the time of day when computers, TV and air-conditioning get turned on the most, and usually all at once!

Eastern Roof

To make the most of your solar then flick those switches on first thing in the morning. Turn on appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine not long after waking up or as you’re about to leave the house.

Northern Roof

The best time to consume energy is at midday, so anywhere between mid-morning and early afternoon is ideal. Perfect for those that work from home, or stay at home parents that get on their chores are done while the kids are out.