Local farmer and Smart Energy Group customer, Arthur Bryant, advocates for solar in our new testimonial video.

Arthur, from Old Bonalbo in North-East NSW, speaks about the benefits of solar and the importance for Australians to convert to renewables.

The video, which was released on our website today, shows ‘a day in the life of a farmer’ and highlights the value of residential solar.

“It’s important for Australians to convert to solar…so that we’ve got a renewable electricity system in the future for our children and our grandchildren,” said Arthur in the video.

Over the last year, Smart Energy Group have installed solar PV systems on Arthur’s home and farm, as well as on his son’s home.

Since having solar installed, every electricity bill Arthur receives he makes back what he previously had to pay every quarter.

“I converted to solar because I thought the power companies were gouging too much off the ordinary people,” said Arthur.

The testimonial is the first of three Smart Energy Group videos in which local Northern River’s heroes discuss the significant benefits of solar.

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