Covering over 2,500,000 square metres, or an area larger than Western Europe, Western Australia is home to some of the most diversified and sweeping lands in the world.

It’s sub-tropical climate tips Perth as one of the hottest and sunniest capitals, averaging 8 hours of sunlight per day.

Harnessing the natural light of the land, Smart Energy Group is excited to announce our premium quality solar panels will now be available on the west coast.

Co-founder Elliot Hayes says it was a natural progression for the company.

“We’re covering pretty much the whole of the East Coast, from Cairns to Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Newcastle and Sydney, the next place really with a high volume of people and with great sun exposure is Perth,” he said.

Smart Energy Group is already an industry leader, last year supplying and installing close to 1% of all solar energy in Australia.

We offer more than just quality solar panels at a competitive price, we bring with us market-leading technologies.

“Perth has some of the highest uptakes of solar but what we can offer customers is not only a great product but new technologies,” Mr Hayes said.

Precise solar monitoring means you can track your solar usage against your energy consumption which means you can use your fuel where it’s really needed.

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